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The Web is the Most Common Way to Sell
November 2006 Customer Strategies Survey: Businesses are looking for growth, and nearly all use the Internet as a sales channel. The "e" in "e-commerce" now stands for "everyday." The Internet, once a novelty, then an important customer service and sales tool, has now emerged as the most popular sales channel.

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With years of experience, we use our expertise to get your pages positioned in the major search engines, directories and pay-per-placement engines. There are no cookie cutter answers when it comes to marketing on the Internet. We will work closely with your company in analyzing the best keywords for your industry used on the Internet.


Each marketing campaign, whether it is generating visitors from the search engines, from banner ads, third party links, emails, etc. will have a different sales conversion rate. For example, visitors coming to your site from the search engines are much more likely to make a purchase versus visitors arriving from most other sources. That's because people doing a search are actively looking for your product or services and thereby are much more likely to make a purchase when they arrive.


Search engine positioning is an integral part of any company’s online marketing campaign. Industry statistics verify that the vast majority of web traffic to a company’s web site is derived from search engine results. With thousands of businesses entering the online marketplace, the need to stay ahead of the competition and in front of your customers is undeniable.


Search engines often change their parameters, or algorithms which makes the value of an ongoing campaign apparent. They all have different rules (or algorithms). Content is optimized and re-optimized based upon new algorithm requirements and the ranking attained for each of the client’s optimized search terms. This allows us to actively maintain the search engine ranking of your company's web site and make the necessary changes required to increase your positioning within the search engines. If your existing site is not already equipped with metatags, we will optimize your site with them.




Search Engine Users Find Natural Search Results Most Relevant

A survey conducted found that more than 60 percent of Yahoo users and over 72 percent of Google users clicked on a natural search results when looking for the most relevant listing for their query. Natural search results are non-advertisement listings that are returned when a keyword is queried.


User desire for natural search results have caused advertisers to alter their approach to search engine ads in order to ensure that their Web pages are found in the natural search results of Google and Yahoo.


"These findings clearly indicate that in both search engines there is a wide gap between natural search preference and paid advertisement preference. This means marketers who fail to optimize for natural search or human-edited paid inclusion neglect a large percentage of user clicks and the relevant traffic," stated Fredrick Marckini CEO of iProspect and considered to be one of the pioneers of search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Statistical Information

8 out of 10 users click on the main body of search results, not "Sponsored Links"

85% of all new customer traffic to web sites is from search engine results

95 Million Americans use search engines on a monthly basis

Consumers use the "search" feature more than any other application except email

Customers coming to your web site via a "search" are more likely to buy, because they are specifically looking for your product or service

Researchers found that search engines are second only to using email

80% of Americans who are on the Internet use a search engine to find information

25% use a search engine on a daily basis


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